Grazio Invisible Premium


Primed hidden doors TM GRAZIO INVISIBLE PREMIUM provide for decorating the canvas with the efforts and materials of the customer.

As a decor, often used paint identical to that used for painting walls, various wallpapers or decorative plasters, thereby achieving the full effect of stealth.

The canvas is covered with two layers of soil: insulating, covering the pores in the substrate material and matting, creating maximum adhesion with the decorative coating of the client.

Price: from 8800 UAH*
for the finished block with fittings

Enameled hidden doors TM Grazio Invisible Premium are made in the color chosen by the customer (RAL).

Doors in white enamel are the most demanded among our customers because of the popularity of color and production accuracy, which in turn makes the cost of these doors especially attractive.

The canvas is covered with two layers of soil and two layers decorative enamel with a degree of gloss of 30% (silk mat).

Price: from 9200 UAH*
for the finished block with fittings
Veneer Doors

Veneered hidden doors are a unique solution for combining classic and modern designs.

The company produces sheets using more than 25 types of various veneers of world manufacturers.

Both horizontal and vertical veneer overlays are possible.

Price: from 10350 UAH*
for the finished block with fittings

Glazed doors TM GRAZIO Invisible Premium is high-tech product with precision fit adjoining decorating glass to the aluminum components of the door.

The use of "Ultra Transparent Diamond" glasses allows you to get tinted glass without changing the color shade, because This type of glass is the most purified float glass.

By applying chemical etching of the glass is achieved velvet tactile effect of the glass "Diamond matte"

Price: from 18000 UAH*
for the finished block with fittings

The use of a mirror as a decorative coating on a hidden door leaf GRAZIO Invisible Premium is the ideal solution for creating a minimalist interior and at the same time visual expansion of the space.

Mirror doors to the bathroom or to the corridor will allow efficient and convenient use of space, saving on the placement of a separate mirror as a functional element of the interior.

Price: from 15800 UAH*
for the finished block with fittings

Doors can be executed in various sizes with a pitch of 100mm.

How tall
So in width
The brand of interior doors “GRAZIO” is a mixture of modern classics and modernism. Using the latest
technology of the time, we were able to implement a wide variety of ideas to achieve a harmonious
correlation of historical traditions and modern trends